Welcome to Memos Studio

Thank you for visiting my website, make yourself at home. My name is Marcin, I’m a father to two beautiful daughters and a husband to one gorgeous wife. My family have been the inspiration for my other passion in life, photography. I specialise in wedding photography, christenings and every other joyous celebration or event you can think of..

I started by taking photos of my family. Thousands of them, capturing almost every moment in our lives. I then moved onto my friends who would often request I take portraits of them too. Before long, more and more people saw my work until I started getting requests to do weddings, christenings and many other celebrations. From these personal moments, I eventually took the plunge and opened my own photography studio which became Memos Studio based in Bristol and the rest, as they say, is history. Nowadays, my passion is also my profession and I love every minute of it.

Whenever it’s appropriate, I like to use the Reportage style of photography. This means that I adopt a much more low-key role, aimed at capturing your day, not creating it - that’s your job and that of your family and friends. It’s a style that is both unobtrusive and relaxed, yet really brings the best out of your guests. I always try not to obstruct your guest’s enjoyment of the day by creating prefabricated poses or strained expressions. I’ll capture the events that take place that will make your day the success it deserves to be; whether that’s happy, funny, emotive, truthful, unusual but most of all, natural and timeless. If you prefer a more formal style, then I can easily accommodate that too. Maybe even a combination of the two. The choice, as always, is yours..

I’m proud to say that everything I know about photography I’ve taught myself. I don’t have professional photographic qualifications, but then I don’t think you can tell that by looking at the quality of the images I produce. I don’t spend hours tweaking them in Photoshop, I prefer to make sure the raw images are full of things that make a photo special in the first place; emotion, pride and soul.

As I said, I’m based in Bristol but I am happy to travel anywhere in the country to capture your special moment. The moments captured in a photo may only be take a second, but it’s lasting impression that can last a lifetime. Take a look at my gallery and if I can be of any assistance, please just let me know. My details are on the Contact page..