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The summer is finally in full swing, even if only in name rather than glorious temperatures. This means that wedding season is fast approaching. I love this time of year. Not only does it mean the weather is better (usually), but it also means I get to attend lots of amazing weddings as a professional photographer.

Personally, being a photographer is a brilliant way to earn a living. I get to do something I love and, more than anything, I have the chance to meet hundreds of amazing people and help to play a small part in their happiest moments. That said, there is much more to being a photographer than simply turning up, pointing the camera and taking pictures, or at least, there is for me.

My role as a wedding photographer usually begins long before the big day itself. The preparation I undertake can last all the way up to the day in question, but its a huge part of the project for me. I love meeting the happy couple beforehand so we can get to know each other in a more relaxed, informal way.  This allows me to understand the types of people they, the event they dream of and style of photographs they want. It wasnt too long ago that every wedding photograph taken by anyone the world over was a very structured, formal pose. It might have been nice to look at, but it didnt really capture the true essence of the day. Nowadays there are as many styles as there are weddings and I embrace all of them. The fact is its up to you, not me, which style suits you best, so dont be afraid to ask the question.

Once the style has been established I then do a lot of research to ensure I know the types of shots I can get. I visit the venues for the wedding to scout out some memorable locations and interesting backgrounds for the pictures. Ive also got to bear in mind any travel times between those venues. Its rare that people have just the church and Reception venues anymore. There will often be trips to specific areas just for photographs. This can have an impact on the timescales we have to get the shots, but it all adds to the excitement of the day. The more interesting the venues, the better the pictures will be. Ive also got to be on the look out for a sign that no photographer wants to see for the first time at a wedding photoshoot; the one that states No Photographs Allowed!  Another reason, why preparation for me is vital.

When the big day finally arrives, its not just the bride and groom who have butterflies, I do too. As a photographer, Im determined to make the day a success and to ensure the photos I take encompass the mood, the spirit and the emotion of the day. This means a whole checklist of tasks I go through, not just once, but multiple times. Ive got to make sure the primary and secondary batteries for the cameras are charged and working. In this modern age of digital photography Ive also got to make sure I have the right lenses and enough space on the memory cards to store all the incredible images I take. Once all the checks are done, then Im ready to go!

When everything has been planned to perfection, the wedding is the climax of all those hours of preparation. Even though Im not a guest at the wedding as such, I make sure I look smart so I reflect well on those that have been invited. I make sure I dont interfere with the wedding itself, but act as a kind of photographic butterfly, flitting between guests capturing their special moments in the most natural way possible. If Ive done my job correctly, most guests wont even know Im there, which is the secret to a great wedding photograph. I always remember that Im there to capture the moments that make the day special, not to create them.

I hope thats gives you a little insight into my role as a wedding photographer. If you have a wedding coming up and would like me to be involved in your day, please just let me know and Ill love the opportunity to talk to you about it. Until next time.










Author:Marcin Nowakowski      Images Copyright:John White Media


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