Mr & Mrs Webber

When I wake up on the morning of a wedding shoot, I can’t express how excited and honoured I feel at being apart of such a special day in two peoples lives. Louise and John Webber’s wedding was no different. Having talked with and met the lovely couple weeks before their big day, I know how much they truly love and cherish each other and for me personally, it was a real pleasure to work with them. 

 The Big Day

 I arrived at Louise’s hotel at 9am to capture her wedding day preparation along with her bridesmaids. As you can see from the shots taken, Louise looked simply stunning and so did her bridesmaids. Having stayed at the hotel since Friday, it was safe to say the room was a little bit messy as are all hotel rooms on the day of a wedding! Apart from inhaling a large volume of hairspray, I managed to capture some beautiful moments between the bride and bridesmaids which have turned out fantastically well. 

Now to the groom, with the ceremony set to start at 12’noon, John along with his son and the best man arrived at 10am to make sure everything was set for a moment in Louise and John’s life that would be cherished for a lifetime. When taking some shots of John, his son and best man, I had to be extra careful that John wouldn’t see Louise through the windows! To be extra safe, we pulled the blinds down to make sure this wasn’t the case. Although the lighting conditions weren’t ideal, I used my years of experience to capture some wonderful shots of the Groom (who looked incredibly smart), his handsome son and best man. They turned out great and I’m really pleased with what was produced. Having being apart of many weddings in my time, I can safely say that Louise has been one of the most organised brides I’ve come across. She arrived promptly at the ceremony venue which was a pleasure to be apart of. After an emotional ceremony, it was time for some family pictures in the beautiful gardens surrounding the ceremony venue. For me, the weather was perfect, no rain and no sun which often adds shadows to a shot (perhaps not what Mr and Mrs Webber wanted!!!). After the ceremony it was time for the speeches and meal After the meal all the guests enjoyed the photo booth I had installed and it was safe to say that all the guest thoroughly enjoyed it.

The whole day was a real privilege to be apart of. Lastly, I would like to congratulate the new Mr and Mrs Webber and wish both of them all the happiness in the world. 






















Author:Marcin Nowakowski                                                                                                                                 08/07/2016


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