Mr & Mrs Sandford

Being a full time professional wedding photographer is amazing; as I have come to realise no wedding shoot is ever the same!

As one of Bristol’s leading wedding photographers I was fortune to be given the responsibility of capturing the special day for Vilma and Matt (the soon to be Mr & Mrs Sandford)! Given the brief I was due to meet the happy couple at the Tunnels Beaches located in Devon. This was my first wedding I would be shooting in Devon and naturally I was excited about taking photos in a somewhat new environment, I was finally becoming a Devon wedding photographer!

When the big day arrived on the 9th September 2016, I was already packed ready and raring to go! With my equipment on board, sat-nav on I set off on the two hour trip to meet the bride to be in Ilfracombre. Meeting Vilma on the morning of the wedding,  I could see the nerves and excitement all etched on the expressions of the bride, I just had to capture the moments! Located in an idyllic bed and breakfast situated near to the Tunnel Beaches I was able to capture the bride, bridesmaids and even the little ones getting ready for that special moment. What makes my shoots so special from other wedding photographers? I try to capture the moments which are not staged and in Vilma case there were plenty which were taken which shows her family and friends true love for her. It was a real family affair and it was a treat to capture these memories, I’m sure she will agree, even if she was slightly nervous!

With the map no longer needed, I got my bearings and met Matt the groom at the location on the venue, The Tunnels Beaches. Wow, Wow, Wow! What a spectacular venue! Matt was already there and was surprisingly calm, all he was now waiting for was his future Mrs Sandford! I realised whilst capturing photos of the guests and Matt was what a beautiful setting for a wedding and I was glad that a Bristol wedding photographer was given the opportunity to captures these moments in the sumptuous settings of Devon! 

With the ceremony to begin at midday I began capturing pictures of the guests and scenery whilst trying to blend in. With the weather being kind we had a mixture of sunny moments which meant I was able to capture some truly memorable photos for the couple. Seeing the bride and her equally beautiful bridesmaids walkthrough the tunnels was just brilliant, it was so unique! As a photographer you love to experience different lighting opportunities and this tested me! Capturing some delightful moments I headed to a little embankment which my photos clearly show the romantic nature of the Tunnels Beaches. With the sun beating down it was a setting from a tropical paradise and the ceremony itself was beautiful, a real heart warming and romantic affair just like the couples love for each other. I was able to get close up and capture the moments they will cherish for ever, that is a feeling that all photographers enjoy, that opportunity to capture memories.

With the vowels said and the ceremony completed it was then time to take some pictures by the beach. It was a privilege to share those intimate first moments of Mr & Mrs Sandford life. I was able to collect some beautifully natural shots not just of them but also guests, bridesmaid and also with their child! It was a real friends and family celebration to mark the start of their married life! With some odd showers we had to sometimes run for cover in the tunnels, but whats wrong with having some traditional English summer weather!

Once the photographs had been taken it was back to venue where the celebrations could begin. It was brilliant capturing the party atmosphere, the speeches and just as importantly the first dance. I must admit the Devonshire ice-cream was scrumptious! (I couldn’t resit a try, I was away from Bristol, so it was important to experience everything!) With a Photo Booth on hand the fun and excitement went on till the late night and watching that sunset over over the beech of Devon, I know this wouldn’t be my last wedding shoot in this beautiful county. 

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Sandford!




Tunnels Beaches-devon

Tunnels Beaches




Tunnels Beaches ilfracombe










Author:Marcin Nowakowski                                                                                                                                01/10/2016


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