Mr & Mrs Dunstan

Dear Marcin..

we are really so grateful that you were on our wedding .. your service was excellent and your photos amazing.. your personality is nice and very polite .. so simple.. your profession of photographer on our wedding day was brilliant.. we really enjoyed that .. your ideas for lovely wedding pictures was great and with your personality and professionalism helped us to have such amazing day.. we are so happy we could to met you and that you was part of our beautiful day which is on our photos as reminder of amazing time which we had .. lots of photos which you made have well timing and that mean -


You are a perfect photographer in way which you are :) .. to everyone ..

Thank you very much .. you have made our day so lovely and you captured all of best moments in our special day .. Thank you Marcin and all the best.We felt really nice in your company and we will highly recommend your service

Livia & Mark

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