Wedding photography


"The moments captured in a photo may only be take a second, but it’s lasting impression that can last a lifetime."

Getting to know you

Your wedding day is meant to be the happiest day in your life, but creating that special day can takes years of preparation.  As part of our ‘deluxe package’ at Memos Studio we encourage capturing two hours of photographs for the ‘Mr & Mrs’ usually in an idyllic setting of your choice. This not only gives you the opportunity to get to know me but also helps to capture the intimate moments prior to the wedding day professionally.

Those two hours help form a chemistry between you and the camera and provides you as a couple an insight of how I will look to capture your special day. This is a real opportunity to obtain a timeless keepsake that may make up part of your wedding day preparations. 

The Wedding Day

For myself as photographer from Bristol, I have witnessed that no two wedding our ever the same. Whilst the romantic formula doesn’t alter, what each individual couple requests on their special day does. So whether, you’re marrying in a castle or even at a hotel I will capture the moments how you want me to.

The packages we offer at Memos Studio allow you to take artistic control. So whether you wish for us to create cherished memories from the preparations of a champagne breakfast on the wedding morning or wait to till the ceremony, you’re in control. 

No matter what your decision, we will alway ensure that we capture the most important aspects of your day as and how you want it. From that first kiss till the first dance, you and your guests will provide the stories of the day and I will help photograph those memories so they can be shared to future generations.


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At Memos Studios we appreciate no budget is the same, so I have created packages that cater for every eventuality.
Our studio is based in Bristol however, I am happy to travel anywhere in the country to capture your special moments.

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